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This site contains a collection of selected works addressing the stolen history 
of our generation that has been suppressed and distorted over many years. It contains the following topics: the struggle to contain communist aggression and protect American allies on the frontiers of freedom; the challenge of military leadership serving under civilian leaders, who rejected military input in the formulation of military strategy; and the quest for historical accuracy in an era distorted by biased journalism. Loyal American journalists reported on the events of the period, but were unable to correct the work of editors and journalists intent upon supporting an anti-American agenda.

Although the collected works span several generations, most of the articles       address the Cold War and the Vietnam War – a period utterly distorted by the liberal media. The distortions were the work of both liberal editors and             journalists, who relied upon enemy propaganda for their story lines.
The pattern of biased reporting was not limited to the Vietnam War, but distorted the record of the Persian Gulf Conflict as well as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq by depicting enemy defeats as victories, ignoring American victories, and rejecting coverage of heroism displayed by American and allied fighting forces.

Complicating the problem has been the role of liberal academicians, who have further distorted the record by reinterpreting the conflicts to conform to enemy propaganda, while maligning American fighting forces and supporting America’s enemies on distant battlefields.
These works were selected in dedication to the fine people, who gave all in the service of their country. (Some the United States of America, others the fine Soldiers and people of South Vietnam) Some of the heroes lie among the fallen, who died in battle. Others gave all sacrificing their lives by service in a noble cause betrayed by radical enemies of  America, who wasted their spilled blood by supporting our enemies and betraying  our allies turning victory into defeat. These heroes returned to homes that were no more, facing persecution, rejection and the discovery that the members of their own families had become their enemies. 
In an effort to set the record straight, 
several items previously buried by the liberal/mainstream media are unearthed and presented, once again, but carefully researched and told from a factual point of view. This is to respect the individuals involved, living and dead, as well as lend some long-needed credability to a long-awaited history, previously stolen by America's hypocrites; those who have life-long issues with American liberties yet don't seem to have a problem enjoying the benefits of our sacrifice. 
This is my final legacy, a long-awaited song in the life of a Soldier whose life has been well spent, given for a Nation in love. 

I thank you, in advance, for reading these works.

The Vietnam War: Our Stolen History, from the files of Andy P. O'Meara Jr.
The Reckoning

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I awoke in pain. I was in the Hospital at Long Binh, South Vietnam. The year was 1969. I had been wounded in an initial engagement to halt a large Communist offensive known as the Tet II Offensive.

The North Vietnamese launched the Tet II Offensive just prior to the Chinese New Year – mid February. It followed the pattern of the first Tet Offensive of the previous year that had been a disaster for Hanoi.

The Tet Offensive was supposed to presage an uprising by the entire South Vietnamese population to demolish the Government of South Vietnam and their American allies.

It was bloody and fought from one end of the country to the other. When the smoke cleared the Viet Cong were destroyed as an independent fighting force.

There was no popular uprising. The vast majority of the population had gone to ground to survive the bitter fighting; and the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) had taken heavy casualties.


On Saturday, July 24, 2010, the town of Prescott Valley, AZ, hosted a Freedom Rally.  Quang Nguyen was asked to speak on his experience of coming to America and what it means.  He spoke the following in dedication to all Vietnam Veterans. Thought you might enjoy hearing what he had to say.

“35 years ago, if you were to tell me that I am going to stand up here speaking to a couple thousand patriots, in English, I’d laugh at you.   Man, every morning I wake up thanking God for putting me and my family in the greatest country on earth.
“I just want you all to know that the American dream does exist and I am living the American dream.  I was asked to speak to you about my experience as a first generation Vietnamese-American, but I rather speak to you as an American.
“If you hadn’t noticed, I am not white and I feel pretty comfortable with my people. “I am a proud US citizen and here is my proof.  It took me 8 years to get it, waiting in endless lines, but I got it and I am very proud of it. Guess what, I did legally and it ain’t from the state of Hawaii. 

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The fall of Saigon: “Hell on Earth” South of the 17th Parallel in 1975!
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Important note to readership!

One of the greatest warriors of World War II, General Patton, father of Colonel Patton, commander of the Blackhorse Regiment is the person featured in the article, "Bravest of the Brave" appears on the site under 'articles'. He was a wonderful Patriot and and fine Soldier. Thank you for reading.
PAWLEYS ISLAND, S. C. – “Opening the American Mind: Recognizing the Threat to the Nation” (published by Xlibris) is a history of the United States’ involvement in Vietnam and an examination of the communist models of revolution. The report of author Andrew P. O'Meara Jr. examines the impact of the war on the Vietnamese people and on the American Home Front. He looks at the role of communist front organizations used to mobilize resistance in underdeveloped societies as well as more sophisticated fronts used to wage revolutionary warfare in industrialized societies.

The book challenges liberal orthodoxy beginning with the conduct of the Vietnam conflict and ends with a critique of progressive America. Careful reading of this book will open the minds of the Americans and rehabilitate the public’s view of what its heroic soldiers endured in a failed attempt to free the valiant people of South Vietnam.

“People want justice to prevail, which sadly was denied to our soldiers who served in Vietnam during the war,” O’Meara says. “Moreover, the threat faced by the Vietnamese people is faced by Americans today.”

The long march of the radical left through American colleges and universities established the support for the cause of International Socialism and communist revolutionaries in America. Marxist professors and fellow travelers are the ones who wrote the one-sided historical accounts of American involvement in Vietnam justifying the cause of our enemies.

Colonel O’Meara wraps up his survey of America’s stand in Vietnam by looking at communist front organizations operating behind the scenes in America. His work is a must-read for all Americans, especially young Americans seeking answers to questions concealed by politically correct control of higher education in America.

“Opening the American Mind: Recognizing the Threat to the Nation”
By Andrew P. O'Meara Jr.
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 100 pages | ISBN 9781514456309
E-Book | 100 pages | ISBN 9781514456293
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Andrew P. O'Meara Jr. graduated from the military academy. He served in Vietnam as a lieutenant, captain and a major. He was decorated for valor five times during his service in Vietnam. His awards include the Purple Heart and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge. O’Meara directed the training development of the M-1 Abrams Tank. He served as the President of the Army Training Board and as the Senior Army Instructor at the National War College. Following his retirement, he served as a government contractor in the Middle East. During his work in Saudi Arabia, the army mission was attacked by al Qaeda. He was working in the mission headquarters in Riyadh when a truck bomb destroyed the building inflicting over 300 casualties. His published works include “Infrastructure and the Marxist Power Seizure” and “Only the Dead Came Home.” He was co-editor of “Leadership: Combat Leaders and Lessons.” His articles have appeared in newspapers and professional journals.

REVIEWS of Andy's new book:  

Confused by what is happening in America today? Do our values appear to be turned upside down? Is evil now judged to be good and good evil? Is America on the right track or is something terribly wrong? Is America under assault by insidious forces? After reading the book, you'll grasp the gravity of what is happening in America now and how it is being orchestrated. Using the Vietnam war as the vehicle, Col Andrew O'Meara a combat veteran of that war, wounded and decorated for valor, explains the strategy that the communists used to prevail. The US military decisively won every engagement in that war. The TET offensive of 1968, a total military defeat by the enemy, however, was adjudged by the media to have been a brilliant success instead. The book further points out that the Viet Cong enemy had been rendered thoroughly ineffective in the South. Moreover, the South Vietnamese military, aided by US military advisors had reached a level of competence where they could adequately defend themselves when the US withdrew its forces.
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(RAYMOND BEURKET CONTINUED)What happened? How could consistent major tactical losses on the battlefield result in a strategic victory on the enemy's part. In the case of Vietnam, you'll learn from the book that back in Washington, DC, the US simply ignored its obligations to South Vietnam which were part of the Paris Peace Accords. Appropriation of the the needed funds were stopped. Instead of supplying the necessary military assistance , post President Nixon, Washington simply cut off the weapons, ammo, fuel and other logistic support to the South. South Vietnam was indeed lost which the media, academia and members of the Democrat party had predicted. Of course predictions are easy when you control the factors that can dictate your prediction. The truth, however, is that it was not a popular uprising that caused Viet Nam to go communist. Instead an invading Army from North Viet Nam (the NVA) conquered South Viet Nam. When the NVA rolled across the DMZ into the South, the South Vietnamese simply had no chance. It is hard to fight when you don't have the weaponry and ammo necessary to shoot back and prevail. So what does this have to do with today? In reading the book, Col O'Meara will show that the same insidious forces active in America during the Vietnam war are still busy in America today, using some of the same tactics and strategies. His book is a brilliant wake up call for the country and should be read by all patriotic Americans and those interested in our history including, a more realistic assessment as to what really happened in Viet Nam. It is an easy read